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Arvand Consultancy

Your Business Partner in Middle East and Germany

We are

Experts in Business Development, Account Management and Sales

showcasing over 20 years’ experience, our multilingual services are proud to employ a hands-on, dynamic approach to each client, ensuring a truly dedicated experience. Today based in Germany, previously located in the Middle East, we assure real on-the-ground experience across the hemisphere, surpassing other potential agencies and guaranteeing cooperative relationships within the local industries of your selected destination. Having developed secure partnerships across the globe, we provide your business with the environment it needs to advance profitability.


What our team does to ensure your success:

Provides superior consultancy services to establish, or relocate, your business, representing your company throughout all financial, legal, and transitional negotiations with our network of global firms. As a distinctly establishing professional team, operating across the eastern hemisphere, our specialty will be at your disposal

Utilise our expansive network of experts and consultants across Europe, Asia and Middle East to provide a range of services, putting you in direct communication with specialised associates to ensure you receive a smooth and simple transition, guaranteeing legal, financial and translational assistance throughout each step of the process

Assess our clients individually, providing a boutique service, advising and supporting your growth of revenue. Abandoning broad approaches, we provide a personalised experience across global markets, providing your business with a perspective that considers your context across multiple nations, ensuring optimum suitability for your specific needs


How will our team ensure your success?


Our colleagues allocate the perfect industry partners for you, providing optimal relationships that you need to continue to build a strong business network across the globe, allocating our extensive network of internal and external business partners


Our team enable you to branch into a culturally diverse network, providing our secure contractor assets, breaking down barriers to achieve mutual benefits, continuing our proven success, encouraging international cooperation

Business Development

We provide a highly-tailored, individualistic and dynamic approach to each client, recognising your unique requirements. By providing a multilingual service to facilitate your business development, our services provide an unparalleled consultancy service to bridge the gap between your company, and theirs


Having provided expert consultancy for more than 20 years, I provide my extensive consultancy experience and highly acclaimed success of working across European, Eastern and Asian organisations to optimise your revenue and facilitate growth, utilising my own first-hand experience of living within these nations, providing a unique insight and understanding

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